Waste Go SOLVES:

• FOG Problems • Sludge Problems• BOD & TSS Problems • Ammonia Problems • Phosphorous Problems • Odour Problems

#1 Municipal Grease and Sludge Eliminator!

Grease or Sludge Problems?

Digest them with Waste Go. Waste Go digests grease and sludge without interruption to service, for an average of less than a third of the cost of mechanical. No need to worry about tearing membranes, damaging old clay surfaces, scraping wet well walls and pressure washing floats. Get Waste Go and work smarter not harder.

Water Quality Problems?

Waste Go lowers numbers across the board and can help you reduce Phosphorous, Ammonia, FOG, BOD, TSS, H2S, etc. Waste Go even lowers soft metals as part of their reproductive cycle. Let’s keep the environment and regulators happy.

Operator Safety

Waste Go realizes that nothing is as important then operator safety. That’s why we’ve developed a product that is 100% safe to all living organisms. Operators can feel safe handling Waste Go and don’t have to worry about all the extra precautions other products require. Our product is so safe, you could eat it.

The advantages of Waste Go are clear!

Waste Go, is an onsite tested, NSF Certified, blend of high-quality enzymes and bacteria that digest organic waste and eliminate municipal wastewater problems for a 1/3 of the cost of mechanical on average. Waste Go eliminates fats, oils and grease better than any other product on the market today.

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“We were very impressed at how fast Waste Go digested the grease from our lift stations. As a pleasant surprise, Waste Go also greatly reduced our N2S problem and ended local complaints about odor” – Rick M., Public Works Foreman

Waste Go Provides Real Results

Lagoon After Waste Go Treatment
Lagoon Before Waste Go Treatment

Waste Go can rejuvenate lagoons and add 20+ years to their life span. Waste Go has been proven to achieve average reductions of:

FOG Reduction


BOD Reduction


TSS Reduction


H2S Reduction


Phosphorus Reduction


Ammonia Reduction


Application Points and Expected Results

Waste Go Stats derived from 30+ years of Testimonials