Yes. Waste Go reduces the harmful contaminates in wastewater so that only minerals and plant food remain. Waste Go is also the only biological wastewater treatment product to obtain NSF certification. An international recognition that Waste Go is so safe it can be used even in food prep and production areas. An industry first!

Any part of the Wastewater system including but not limited to: Gravity Mains, Lift Stations, Force Mains, Lagoons, Treatment Plants, even detention ponds!

Yes. Waste Go digests fats, oils and grease and does not emulsify them like other competitor’s products.

Yes. Waste Go can desludge, increase capacity and solve water quality problems all without disruption to service. It is also 1/3 the cost of mechanical on average!

Absolutely. With regular maintenance dosages, Waste Go can increase the life span of Lagoons for up to 50+ years!

Yes. Waste Go will raise your DO level, reduce your BOD level and help balance your pH.

For a more detailed explanation of how this works, please see: Solving Ammonia Problems with Waste Go

Yes. Do not let hydrogen Sulfide destroy your equipment! Waste Go digests organic material much faster than native organisms in the wastewater system. This dramatically reduces the amount of sulfur containing amino acids before the waste turns anaerobic, resulting in a major reduction in the production of sulfide gas. Save your equipment and reduce odors with Waste Go.

For a more detailed explanation of how this works, please see: Solving Hydrogen Sulfide with Waste Go

Yes. Waste Go blend of enzymes and bacteria utilize phosphorous during their growth cycles and burn it as a source of fuel.

Yes. However, as a dense fibre, it does take longer than any other organic material. Retention time is crucial.

Yes. Waste Go eliminates H2S by digesting the very organics that turn anaerobic and cause the odours in the first place.

You bet! Waste Go will give you a much more concentrated, diverse, and stronger batch of enzymes and bacteria as opposed to run-of-the-mill bugs found in wastewater and activated sludge. Compared to activated sludge that takes time to get the digestion process started, Waste Go starts the digestion process immediately at any point where it is applied. It’s also a lot less expensive compared to all those trucks to haul sludge.

For a more detailed explanation, please see: Why seeding with Waste Go is the best choice