Waste Go 25lb Pail

Waste Go is the first NSF certified biological additive on the market today that delivers real world results; unbeatable by competitor products.

Waste Go will go head to head, scoop for scoop, with any competing biological product. We are confident our 40+ years of onsite development will exceed your expectations and put the competition to rest.

Get real results and get your money’s worth. Get Waste Go!

So Long Sludge Problems

Waste Go digests sludge and saves unbelievable amounts of money from mechanical alternatives. Tired of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars dredging your Lagoons long before they’re due? Tired of the stress worrying about tearing membranes or damaging old surfaces? Get Waste Go and rest easy. Waste Go can desludge your lagoon, keep it under control long-term, increase capacity, without and disruption to service. That’s right, no diverting to another cell and causing unnecessary buildup and stresses to the ecology.

Hello To No More Water Quality Issues

Waste Go reduces and helps regulate:

  • BOD
  • TSS
  • FOG
  • Kjeldahl Nitrogen
  • Balances pH
  • Ammonia
  • Phosphorus
Case Study – Alberta, Canada
First Year Sludge Reduction

Water Quality Improvements:

BOD reduction
Biochemical Oxygen Demand
dropped from 176 to 40 mg/L


FOG reduction
Fats, Oil and Grease
dropped from 124 to 16 mg/L


TSS reduction
Total Suspended Solids
dropped from 302 to 54 mg/L



Phosphorus dropped from
541 to 7.38 mg/kg



Ammonia dropped from
3480 to 39.4 mg/kg


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Download Waste Go Case Study Summary
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Phosphorus Problems? Not Us!

Phosphorous is a mineral nutrient for Waste Go’s proprietary formula of enzymes and bacteria. As such they incorporate it into their cell structure and burn it for fuel. Think of it like this: when you drink milk, your body absorbs a certain amount of the calcium and uses it to build bones and teeth, while using other components for energy. In the same way, Waste Go absorbs phosphorous from the water and uses it for growth and various life processes.

Waste Go can reduce Phosphorus by 95%+

Ammonia Problems? Not Anymore!

Anaerobic organisms break waste and proteins down very slowly producing ammonia in the process. The aerobic organisms in Waste-Go will break the proteins down much faster and use up nitrogen which is a key component in ammonia. In this manner, Waste-Go will reduce the amount of Ammonia being produced by your lagoons, lift stations and gravity mains.

Waste Go can reduce Ammonia by 95%+

Good Bye Grease Problems

Waste Go eliminates FATS, OILS and Grease better than any other product on the market today. Our concentrated Lipases Enzymes work together with our secret blend of Bacteria to digest these wastewater irritants. That’s right, Waste Go is NOT and emulsifier. We don’t push problems around, we eliminate them!

Lift Station Before Treatment
Lift Station Before Treatment
Lift Station 5 Days After Treatment
Lift Station 5 Days After Treatment

Good Riddance Hydrogen Sulfide Problems

Our approach is to prevent the gas from forming in the first place. First, we blend high potency enzymes with specially selected, natural microbes that are not native to the domestic waste stream. The enzymes immediately begin breaking down the volatile organics. This process makes the waste dramatically more digestible for the bacteria. In addition, our microbes are chosen for their ability to eat waste faster than native organisms. By introducing WASTE GO as far upstream as possible, it will have digested a large amount of the organic waste before it arrives at the problem area(s). Dramatically reducing the amount of sulfur containing amino acids before the waste turns anaerobic, results in a dramatic reduction in the production of sulfide gas.