Why seeding with Waste Go® is the best choice.

1st: Waste Go will give you a much more concentrated, diverse, and stronger batch of enzymes and bacteria as opposed to run-of-the-mill bugs found in waste streams and activated sludge. Compared to activated sludge that takes time to get the digestion process started, Waste Go starts the digestion process immediately at any point where it is applied. The reason for hauling in activated sludge, as you know, is to take advantage of the bacteria it contains. Waste Go has already isolated the most beneficial bacteria plus added enzymes needed for the process and has them readily available for application. Using Waste Go is by far the fastest and easiest way to get the bacteria and enzymes you need to run your digester in concentrated form. No hauling or adding additional waste. You are adding only the necessary bugs right from the start!

2nd: The reason grease is such a universal problem in treatment plants is that these bacteria are physiologically incapable of degrading Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG). Which means they will do nothing to breakdown or prevent scum blankets. Waste Go will!

3rd: Waste Go also has stabilizing benefits (PH) that activated sludge cannot provide. This stabilization also adds to the immediate start of digestion by creating the very best environment possible.

4th: Waste Go allows you to add more sludge to the digester from the start, as you can increase your sludge volume immediately by X number of truckloads that were not necessary to bring in. This provides added cost savings by eliminating trucking and getting your methane production started sooner (if applicable). Also, no matter how you slice it, by paying to truck in activated sludge, you are going to have haul away some of what you trucked in to activate it. That just does not make good economic sense!

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