Reduce overall maintenance and extend the capacity and life span of your lagoon without dredging.

Water Quality:
  • Increase lagoon DO (dissolved oxygen)
  • Decrease ammonia, total nitrogen, and phosphorus
  • Decrease lagoon BOD (biochemical oxygen demand)
  • Decrease FOG (fats, oils, and grease)
  • Decrease TSS (total suspended solids)
Sludge Quality:
  • Digest lagoon sludge and prevent new sludge from collecting
  • Expand your lagoon’s treatment capacity without service interruption
Turnover improvement:
  • Improve turnover results by digesting unwanted sludge
  • Minimize bio-mat and surface coverage
  • Speed up bio-mat reduction
  • Control algae and odor
  • Reduce unwanted plant growth
Rejuvenate your lagoon system for 1/3 the cost of mechanical without any interruption of service!
Lagoon Stats derived from 30+ years of Testimonials