WASTE GO solves your problems within the Treatment Plant!

Are any of these problems familiar?
  • Exceeding design capacity
  • Odor control costs skyrocketing
  • Insufficient retention time in secondary aeration basins
  • Foaming digesters
  • Scum layers in anaerobic digesters
  • Grease plugs in lines
  • Hydraulic overloading
  • Seed source needed after digester cleaning
  • Grease balls in digesters
In Anaerobic & Aerobic digesters, Waste Go applied directly to the U-Tubes will:
  • Eliminates scum blanket, foam and digests grease
  • Increases volatile solids reduction
  • Improves gas production
  • Improves settling characteristics
  • Improves mixing
  • Controls odors by directly attacking the cause
  • Prevents grease buildup in sludge transfer lines
  • Stabilizes pH, volatile acids and alkalinity. Digester operating parameters respond by becoming linear and less likely to vary
In Aeration Basins and Clarifiers:
  • Provides faster recovery after hydraulic overload (washout)
  • Helps overcome toxic stress conditions and regain normal activity
  • Provides the most efficient microbes and catalysts to speed up volatile solids digestion
  • Eliminates grease build up on freeboard surfaces and grating
The advantages of WASTE GO are clear!
  • 100% SAFE to all living organisms – NSF Certified
  • Decreases solids removal by reducing 80%+ solids
  • Prevents cleanouts and hauling from digesters that have become “dead”
  • Almost eliminates FOG’s (fats, oils and grease)
  • Produce a better quality sludge
  • Economical – A fraction of the cost of mechanical
  • Saves on odor control costs
  • Saves on labor
  • Saves costs on chlorine and eliminates the need for grease solvents and hydrogen peroxide
  • Seed your digester and eliminate sludge transport